Acupuncture Case
Study #2

From 18 to 98 page-one keywords with minimal on-page optimizations.

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Acupuncture SEO Case Study #2


An acupuncturist in Los Angeles saw a 963% increase in clicks and a 1,172% increase in impressions from Google in just 3-months using only basic on-page foundational work. We mapped the entire strategy in less than an hour as a split from our SEO fundamentals package that shows consistent results for local and non-local business websites, include acupuncture and health professionals.
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The acupuncture website, managed by the owner when we started, ranked only 18 keywords on page one and now ranks for 98 page-one keywords has seen a 330% increase in clicks from Google within one year of our consulting.

Our services included:

  • Creating and auditing business listing citation entries.
  • Optimizing alt-tags and geotagging all of images on-page.
  • Boosting site speed optimization.
  • 60-day Google Ads campaign to boost awareness of women’s services

Key Accomplishments:

  • 963% increase in organic clicks from Google in only 3 months.
  • We created a custom plan as a split from our SEO fundamentals package.
  • This blog post currently ranks for 98 keywords on page-one.
  • We optimized 3 pages on the site and ran a 2 month Google Ads campaign during the 1 year period.



This acupuncture client had a built a brand and name within her community and wanted to reach more local customers in the Los Angeles area using SEO to generate organic traffic with a minimal budget.
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We helped the client identify an easy to rank for a local keyword that was on target with their core audience and area.

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