Acupuncture SEO
Case Study

From 2 years of broken promises to a 211% increase in new users in just 3 Months.
Acupuncture SEO Case Study – Goldenseed Local 

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Acupuncture SEO
Case Study


An acupuncture clinic in San Francisco increased organic users to the website by 210% in 4 months using only the Goldenseed Foundation one-time package. We mapped the entire strategy in 1 hour and applied our essential website foundation that delivers excellent marketing results for local acupuncture clinics, e-commerce companies, or any website looking to increase organic visitors. Using the Goldenseed Foundation method, you will prime your website to attract long-lasting organic traffic and set-up a strong foundation for consistent top-rankings in Google.

The website was managed by a previous SEO company with underperforming results. The site went from 17 page-one local keywords when we started and now ranks for 81 page-one local keywords and increased organic users by 563%.

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First 4 months results

Our services included:

  • The Goldenseed Foundation package.
  • In-depth SEO audit with competitive analysis
  • Identifying ‘interested’ traffic with 5 money keywords
  • Building and establishing a strong website SEO Foundation
  • Optimizing all of the on-page elements.
  • Built 14 guest post links
  • PR-style blog outreach featuring a mention on industry-specific blog posts.
  • Off-page citation and social profile optimization
  • Google Branding
  • LSI relevance building

Key Accomplishments:

  • +1,252 new organic visitors in 4 months.
  • We mapped the entire strategy in 1 hour.
  • This website currently ranks for 81 local keywords on page-one 
  • Increased the primary money-getting keyword ranking from position #49 to position #4  in just 90 days and it still ranks consistently.



This acupuncture was referred to Goldenseed after having spent nearly two years with a previous SEO company. Initially, the client saw results with the previous company, but after several algorithmic changes, their rankings dropped significantly. This client had an established domain and wanted to increase organic traffic to her acupuncture practice with a slim budget. 

After leaving their previous SEO company, that company deleted all analytics data leaving nothing to compare or measure their performance against. Tens of thousands of bad backlinks were sent to the site by this company, 

causing rankings to drop after Google updated its algorithm. Despite these challenges, Goldenseed delivered lasting results. 

An in-depth custom website audit was initiated and identified four core issues with the website foundation. We uncovered a weak website foundation, a lack of website security, poor mobile page speed, and an underoptimization of money-getting keywords. We helped the client identify additional weaknesses in business citations and Google Branding. 

9-months results

This client saved $4,000 by generating organic traffic vs using AdWords at an average $5.50 cost-per-click. (727 organic clicks multiplied by $5.50 CPC). The local business was found in Google organically nearly 26,000 times in 9 months.

Keyword Rankings Screenshots

6-Month Performance Growth

Page-one ranking fora major keyword in just 90 days

Additional Keyword Growth

Page-one Keywords 9 months

Final Thoughts

These results were achieved using a one-time package. A full 6-9 month campaign would have increased traffic, clicks, and keyword rankings by 3x-5x the current performance. The benefits of this one-time package are long lasting and provide a 300% ROI on average. If you are interested in achieving similar results for your business, get started with a complimentary website site audit. See other case studies here.

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