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Serving the unique online marketing needs of the Canna-business community with content-led strategies.

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Most cannabis companies miss out on the opportunity that online advertising brings. Instagram and Facebook help build brand awareness but can be fickle when it comes to targeting specific areas. This is especially the case if you are looking to build in a local community. Cannabis SEO restores the ability for cannabis companies to advertise. Due to restrictions, many are afraid to launch full fledge into campaigns without running the risk of legal issues. Get our expert guidance to lead your campaigns’ successful, fuss-free launch.

Top Reasons for Canna-companies to invest in Cannabis SEO today

Cannabis dispensary marketing with Organic SEO strategies is more cost-effective and creates longer lasting placements than traditional advertising methods.

  • Cannabis SEO is the go-to option when it comes to increasing market share through advertising. It also works out to be a lot cheaper to advertise with search engine optimization versus traditional ads. Marketing can be geared to target the masses and those who have a general interest in cannabis.

Marketing Cannabis brands with SEO eludes most regulation by placing content in front of customers the moment they are in the frame of mind to buy.

  • Cannabis marketing with SEO is all but immune to moderation since it targets individual queries versus advertising to a broader blanket of interest. This strategy permits site owners to install prompts to ensure the intended audience is of age to view content according to local advertising regulations. You can’t conduct PPC ad campaigns like a traditional business. SEO may be your only option to market to the masses under current advertising regulation.

Cannabis brands can use Cannabis SEO to market directly to customers who are searching for reasons to use cannabis.

When you use SEO in your cannabis dispensary marketing plan, you can target and capture new and underserved markets. As you become a trusted source of knowledge, it creates trust and loyalty. Let Cannabis SEO help you build and spread brand awareness in a way that attracts tasteful and sophisticated patients. Is your plan well position to capture new interest?

What you teach, you grow.

Canna-prenuers have big challenges when it comes to establishing themselves as an authority for knowledge on ways to heal with medical cannabis. There is a unique opportunity to raise awareness, educate, and involve those interested in political causes to support free regulation of the plant. The sense of community is built within the ropes of your branded experience when you enlist SEO in your marijuana business marketing strategy to target new customers.

Mobile Optimization for dispensary marketing will have a greater impact on overall Cannabis SEO.

  • As Google moves into mobile-first indexing to drive rankability in search engine results pages, the challenge will be for businesses stay on top of keyword searches. Site owners must ensure they are optimized for speed and local relevance to keep traffic flowing. Can patients find your info online from their mobile devices? Partner with an expert to ensure you stay ahead of your competition before changes start to impact current SEO methods.

Cannabis marketing and brand reputation management.

  • Reviews and content-led marketing are going to be the KEY element to maintaining community, loyalty, and traffic to your brand. Cannabis SEO goes hand in hand with online reputation and our strategies can provide the tools needed keep a clean image. How well does your online presence set the tone for your customer experience?

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Position your medical or recreational cannabis business with SEO and stay ahead of the curve.

Case Study: SEO for CBD e-Commerce and Hemp Companies

From being Banned from Adwords (CBD) to generating 1,331 new Organic Users In 4 Months – SEO Case Study

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Local SEO for Northern California Attorney

From ZERO organic traffic to ATTRACTING 5 Probates in just 90 days

Key Accomplishments:
  • 0 to 1,331 new organic users in 4 months.
  • We mapped the strategy in one day for a limited budget.
  • This site currently ranks for 159+ page one keywords.
  • The site averages 550 organic clicks from Google monthly.
  • We only used an SEO Foundation and LSI Relevance for this project.

This CBD e-commerce SEO client found Goldenseed on Google and reached out for help with generating organic traffic since Adwords had repeatedly denied their ads. The challenge was to do grow organic sales quickly and do so on a limited budget. Nevertheless, Goldenseed delivered.

We helped the client identify money generating action keywords that were easy to rank for and were on target with their core audience.

Read on this CBD e-Commerce case study.
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