Case Study – CBD E-Commerce

SEO for CBD e-Commerce and Hemp Companies

From being Banned from Adwords (CBD) to generating 1,331 new Organic Users In 4 Months – SEO Case Study

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Case Study – CBD E-Commerce

Month 4 Results

A brand new CBD e-commerce site went from being banned from advertising with AdWords (CBD is banned from ads on Google & Social Media) to getting 1,331 new users in 4 months using only SEO foundation, LSI relevance, and domain authority building. The e-comm store received its first profits in just 1 month. We planned the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Goldenseed Foundation package.
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This package is high performing with exceptional SEO results for CBD e-commerce, local, and national business websites. Inquire to learn more.

The website was less than one month old when we started and now ranks for 159+ page one keywords and has generated 4,332+ new users since.

The Challenge

Bridge to Balance contacted us because they knew something was wrong with their online presence. Despite having a great website, the company wasn’t receiving enough inquiries. They needed help with SEO (search engine optimization) if the website was to start functioning as an additional source for leads.

Additionally, the company is in a highly competitive market that Google scrutinizes more harshly when evaluating pages. That’s because a lot of people rely on organic search to find fast, accessible, and accurate health-related information. So it’s important that what people find online will help them, rather than make conditions worse. These facts make ranking any website in the healthcare niche a challenge – one that we accepted.


The Upfire team was tasked with boosting client acquisition in every category of services that Bridge to Balance offers while accounting for its two locations.

Our services included:

  • In-depth SEO audit with competitive analysis
  • Identifying buying traffic with 5-7 money keywords
  • Building and establishing a strong website SEO Foundation
  • Off-page citation and social profile optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Optimizing all of the on-page elements
  • Public Relations-style article featuring a mention on the site was written on industry-specific blog posts.
  • LSI relevance building

Key Accomplishments:

  • 0 to 1,331 new organic users in 4 months.
  • We mapped the strategy in one day for a limited budget.
  • This site currently ranks for 159+ page one keywords.
  • The site averages 550 organic clicks from Google monthly.
  • We only used an SEO Foundation and LSI Relevance for this project.



This CBD e-commerce SEO client found Goldenseed on Google and reached out for help with generating organic traffic since Adwords had repeatedly denied their ads. The challenge was to do grow organic sales quickly and do so on a limited budget. Nevertheless, Goldenseed delivered.

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We helped the client identify money keywords that were easy to rank for and were on target with their core audience.


Since this was a new site with a limited budget, we made sure to build only money keywords into the SEO Foundation and tack on LSI keywords for additional traffic. The website turned a profit in its first month and breached page-one for its main money keyword in 90 days.

Only natural social and citation links (100% white-hat) were built along with high domain-authority blog features with relevant anchors. More information about cannabis SEO from Goldenseed Digital Marketing here.


Analytics Screenshots:

9-Month Results

Users Report

Page-one Keywords

Source Report


A strong website foundation included at the launch of a website your company invested thousands of dollars and hours of time into will ensure your website gets in front of eyes. This CBD e-commerce example highlights the challenges of Hemp and Cannabis Industry companies with online marketing and provides a viable solution to the rapidly expanding industry of medical and recreational marijuana.

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 Cannabis and Hemp companies can quite literally hack digital marketing and make it work extremely well in acquiring new patients, enthusiasts, visitors, and people curious about the natural healing properties of the plant.

Additional recommendations were made for a full-blown SEO campaign for CBD e-commerce, however, the owner decided to sell the business. An additional 4-6 month SEO campaign would certainly have delivered results in the tens of thousands of new users. The main money keyword for this business received 30,000 user keyword searches per month!

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