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Local Lead Generation Case Study

From ZERO online presence to 11 new jobs in 16 days. – Local PPC Case Study


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PPC Case

A Construction Company in Southern California had been completing jobs by word a mouth for over 19 years. These contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Specializing in all phases of new home construction, they provide kitchen remodels, repairs, bathroom remodels, room additions, plumbing and electrical service.

The owner came to us via referral wanting to reboot this branch of his businesses with a brand new web presence. We mapped the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Goldenseed Redesign Foundation package with SEO and PPC campaign management. This package provides high performing website design with exceptional traffic and conversion results for Local Contractors. In fact, nearly any established local, or national business website could benefit from a similar strategy. Inquire to learn more.

The website was less than one month old when we hooked up a Local Optimized PPC Campaign that was seen 9,680 times and generated 289 clicks. The hyper local traffic produced 16 hefty leads and the company was able to convert 11 into solid jobs in less than 3 weeks!

The ads have been high performing with a very lean avg. cost per click.

The Challenge

Bridge to Balance contacted us because they knew something was wrong with their online presence. Despite having a great website, the company wasn’t receiving enough inquiries. They needed help with SEO (search engine optimization) if the website was to start functioning as an additional source for leads.

Additionally, the company is in a highly competitive market that Google scrutinizes more harshly when evaluating pages. That’s because a lot of people rely on organic search to find fast, accessible, and accurate health-related information. So it’s important that what people find online will help them, rather than make conditions worse. These facts make ranking any website in the healthcare niche a challenge – one that we accepted.


The Upfire team was tasked with boosting client acquisition in every category of services that Bridge to Balance offers while accounting for its two locations.

Our services included:

  • Fresh website design with an SEO foundation
  • Reputation Management
  • In-depth search market keyword research
  • Identifying buying traffic with 15-20 local money keywords
  • Optimizing Google My Business property for maximum ad visibility
  • Review Generation Proof Pop-up on site

Key Accomplishments:

  • From ZERO traffic to 250 new visitors in less than month.
  • We decreased avg. cost per click from $6 to less than $2.
  • Generated 260+ clicks from Google Search, Display, and Maps ads from 19 money keywords.
  • Found a trick to double our impressions on Google Maps and Search ads
  • We used an SEO-optimized 5 page site, optimzed for conversion, and focused on improving trust and reputation.



This Construction Company found Goldenseed via referral and reached out for help with rebooting their web presence with a new website and fresh traffic, as their water restoration business became too competitive.

The challenge was to build quickly with limited content and lacking reputation. Nevertheless, Goldenseed delivered and then some!

We helped the client identify money keywords that were low in CPC to run ads and we were able to provide leads that 12x their ROI in less than 3 weeks!


Since this was a brand new site with limited time and budget, we decided to build a simple website with enough information make the conversion on traffic sent via PPC. The focus was to optimize the PPC campaign around only high performing money keywords. The campaign turned a profit in its second week and is on track to provide 256x return on investment if all goes well!



LOREM Since this was a new site with a limited budget, we made sure to build only money keywords into the SEO Foundation and tack on LSI keywords for additional traffic. The website turned a profit in its first month and breached page one for its main money keyword in 90 days.

Only natural social and citation links (100% white-hat) were built along with high domain-authority blog features with relevant anchors. See more Los Angeles local SEO from Goldenseed Local.


Here’s What They Had to Say

LOREM IPSUM To concentrate gains and resources, we did not create separate GMB (Google My Business) listings for each location. Instead, we concentrated optimization on their main location while including the secondary office as an option for services.



LOREM IPSUM We were able to establish credibility with Google and other search engines in as little as six months through a fully managed local SEO program. The program also included the use of social media as a way of boosting brand awareness.


Analytics Screenshots:

Acquisition Report

Page-one Keywords


California Law Offices can greatly benefit from creating a strong website SEO foundation with a focus on local money-generating keywords. The investment into Local SEO can attract thousands of dollars and dozens of billable hours for attorneys that wish to grow their practice. The Goldenseed Method helps to ensure your website gets in front of more buying eyes.

The law office received its first new customer in just 30 days. The value of just one new customer in this client’s niche is high enough for the marketing to pay for itself.

We planned the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Goldenseed Local Traffic package. This package is high-performing with exceptional SEO results for local attorneys and national business websites. Request a consultation to learn more.

The new WordPress is less than 6-months old website as of publishing this and now ranks for 146+ keywords and has 32 page-one ranking keywords attracting 180+ new organic users so far.



SEO boosted organic traffic by


Page-one rankings increased by


Map pack listings rose by

All of these gains occurred within six months, and we continue to help the company drive sustainable, long-term growth.


A strong website build with a focus on improving conversion, trust, and reputation with a strategic mix of paid traffic can turn a marketing investment into thousands of dollars in returns with our Goldenseed PPC method. This General Contractor digital marketing example highlights the challenges local businesses experience with generating new leads online while providing a viable solution that doesn’t break the bank.

General Contractors and local service providers can quite literally scale digital marketing efforts to generate leads and acquiring new jobs in their region.

With this case study being focused on a site less than 1 month old, recommendations were made for a full-blown SEO campaign to wean the company’s dependence on PPC Campaigns to generate clicks. This portion is a work in progress and an additional 4-6 month SEO campaign will certainly deliver results with lasting placements for organic (free) traffic.

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