LA Accounting Firm SEO Case Study

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Neumeister & Associates’ 3-Year SEO Journey

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Skyrocketing from Minimal Traffic to a 538% Boost, 25 Top ranking Keywords, and Hundreds of Leads - A Success Story
of Business Growth and Expansion

SEO Case Study - Local Accounting Firm using the Goldenseed Method

An accounting firm in Los Angeles sought help to improve their presence in local search results to attract organic traffic and calls for individuals and businesses seeking accounting, forensic accounting, and . They had not previously used any online marketing, but wanted to rank in local Google maps and understood the value of organic traffic. We met the client at WeWork in Burbank and we provided a free strategy session. First, we migrated their site over from Godaddy (not a top choice for strong SEO) to WordPress in the first 3 weeks and established their SEO foundation for local niche keywords. They went from seeing next to ZERO traffic to seeing a 42% increase in new site visitors in the first 30 days. After 90 days they were up 122% in new users to their site using The Goldenseed Method. 

The Challenge

Bridge to Balance contacted us because they knew something was wrong with their online presence. Despite having a great website, the company wasn’t receiving enough inquiries. They needed help with SEO (search engine optimization) if the website was to start functioning as an additional source for leads.

Additionally, the company is in a highly competitive market that Google scrutinizes more harshly when evaluating pages. That’s because a lot of people rely on organic search to find fast, accessible, and accurate health-related information. So it’s important that what people find online will help them, rather than make conditions worse. These facts make ranking any website in the healthcare niche a challenge – one that we accepted.


The Upfire team was tasked with boosting client acquisition in every category of services that Bridge to Balance offers while accounting for its two locations.

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Google Data Studio showing improvement over the year 2021 after the Goldenseed Method was implemented.

Key Accomplishments:

  • 122% increase in new organic users in 90 days.
  • We mapped the entire strategy in one hour for a long-term campaign.
  • This site has ranked for 589+ keywords with 27 keywords consistently in the top 10.
  • The site has continued growth in search engine presence with  700,000 new impressions generated to date.
  • A total of 1,147 Calls Generated via Google My Business since 2020
  • A total of 473 Web Form Submissions via their website since 2020
  • We only used our standard Local SEO monthly package for this project.



We met the client at WeWork in Burbank and we provided a free strategy session.

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The main challenge was to move their site to a higher-performing CMS and optimize the new site for local traffic-generating keywords. We mapped out the strategy focusing on local keywords in Burbank and Los Angeles areas that generated the most revenue. Our services included:

•  In-depth SEO audit with local landscape report

•  Identifying local money-generating keywords

•  Building and establishing a strong Local SEO Foundation

•  Create and rank Google My Business listing

•  Off-page citation and social profile optimization

•  On-page SEO optimization

•  Landing Page content

•  Optimizing all of the on-page elements

•  Public Relations-style outreach for brand mentions executed to obtain local, industry-specific link building.

•  LSI relevance building


2022 Results

2021 Results

Once we moved their site to WordPress, we built their local SEO foundation from the ground up. Then we helped the client identify “money keywords” that were easy to rank for and on target with their areas of focus. The first year saw significant growth, but the real traffic power began to hit their firm’s website in 2021, one full year after we implemented the strategy. 

Our client had this to say by end of 2021:

Number of Leads to Date

+479 Website Form Submissions

Monthly Traffic Value:

Keyword Groups

Page-one Keywords


California Law Offices can greatly benefit from creating a strong website SEO foundation with a focus on local money-generating keywords. The investment into Local SEO can attract thousands of dollars and dozens of billable hours for attorneys that wish to grow their practice. The Goldenseed Method helps to ensure your website gets in front of more buying eyes.
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The law office received its first new customer in just 30 days. The value of just one new customer in this client’s niche is high enough for the marketing to pay for itself.

We planned the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Goldenseed Local Traffic package. This package is high-performing with exceptional SEO results for local attorneys and national business websites. Request a consultation to learn more.

The new WordPress is less than 6-months old website as of publishing this and now ranks for 146+ keywords and has 32 page-one ranking keywords attracting 180+ new organic users so far.



SEO boosted organic traffic by


Page-one rankings increased by


Map pack listings rose by

All of these gains occurred within six months, and we continue to help the company drive sustainable, long-term growth.


In conclusion, this accounting firm SEO case study has demonstrated the phenomenal results that can be achieved through the strategic implementation of targeted keywords, optimization of Google Business Profiles, and enhancement of website engagement through call tracking and web form submissions. By partnering with our team, the accounting firm experienced a staggering 1400% increase in clicks and a 1500% growth in website traffic in 2022 alone.

These remarkable improvements not only underscore the effectiveness of our comprehensive SEO strategy but also highlight the immense potential that lies in leveraging digital optimization to drive business growth in the competitive accounting industry. This case study stands as a testament to the power of embracing innovative digital marketing techniques to propel business success and bolster the online presence of accounting firms. So, if you’re seeking to achieve unprecedented growth in this ever-evolving digital landscape, look no further than our proven and reliable SEO solutions.

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