From ZERO organic traffic to ATTRACTING 5 Probates in just 90 days

with The Goldenseed Method

Local Attorney SEO Case Study

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90 Day Results

Local SEO traffic data - California Attorney - 90 Day Results

Google Data Studio data showing improvement over 90 day period after the Goldenseed Method was implemented.

A California Attorney wanted to improve their local presence to attract organic traffic and calls. They had not previously understood the value of showing up in local maps searches and were interested in giving it a try. The client came to us via referral and we provided a free 1 hr strategy session. The website was migrated over from Squarespace (not necessarily good for strong SEO) to WordPress in the first 3 weeks and optimized for local niche keywords. They went from seeing ZERO traffic to seeing a 713% increase in new site visitors in 90 days using The Goldenseed Method. The law office received its first new customer in just 30 days. The value of just one new customer in this client’s niche is high enough for the marketing to pay for itself. 

We planned the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Goldenseed Local Traffic package. This package is high-performing with exceptional SEO results for local attorneys and national business websites. Request a consultation to learn more.

The new WordPress is less than 6-months old website as of publishing this and now ranks for 146+ keywords and has 32 page-one ranking keywords attracting 180+ new organic users so far.

Key Accomplishments:

  • 0 to 180+ new organic users in 90 days.
  • We mapped the entire strategy in one hour for a long-term campaign.
  • This site currently ranks for 146+ keywords with 32 keywords on page one.
  • The site has continued growth in search engine presence with  3,336 new impressions generated to date.
  • We only used our standard Local SEO monthly package for this project.


This local attorney found Goldenseed Local via referral from a previous client and reached out for help with generating organic traffic since they had recently opened their law office. The main challenge was to move their site to a higher-performing CMS and optimize the new site for local traffic-generating keywords. We mapped out the strategy focusing on two specific practice areas that generated the most revenue. Our services included:

  • In-depth SEO audit with local landscape report
  • Identifying local money-generating keywords
  • Building and establishing a strong Local SEO Foundation
  • Create and rank Google My Business listing
  • Off-page citation and social profile optimization
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Landing Page content
  • Optimizing all of the on-page elements
  • Public Relations-style outreach for brand mentions executed to obtain local, industry-specific link building.
  • LSI relevance building


We chose WordPress to contain the new website content and built their local SEO foundation from the ground up. We helped the client identify money keywords that were easy to rank for and were on target with their practice focus.

Since this was a new site with a limited budget, we made sure to build only money keywords into the SEO Foundation and tack on LSI keywords for additional traffic. The website turned a profit in its first month and breached page one for its main money keyword in 90 days.

Only natural social and citation links (100% white-hat) were built along with high domain-authority blog features with relevant anchors. See more Los Angeles local SEO from Goldenseed Local.

Here’s What They Had to Say

30-Day Results

Analytics Screenshots:

Acquisition Report

Page-one Keywords


California Law Offices can greatly benefit from creating a strong website SEO foundation with a focus on local money-generating keywords. The investment into Local SEO can attract thousands of dollars and dozens of billable hours for attorneys that wish to grow their practice. The Goldenseed Method helps to ensure your website gets in front of more buying eyes.

This Local SEO example highlights the availability of clients in a specific area. The Goldenseed Method provides a viable solution for the expansion-minded law offices across the nation. Local attorneys can figuratively hack into their local landscape and attract hundreds of qualified and targeted new clients, based on the exact searches of those in need of legal assistance.

Additional results are expected to come within the next several weeks as we roll out the 6-8 month campaign. We expect modest results at that mark as we are targeting a smaller geographic area that is less densely populated compared to nearby metropolises.