Master Reiki Trainer Case Study

Unheard of results! Brand new site with 3 Keywords on Page one to 65 page one keywords plus 17,025% increase in new users in only 3 Months

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Master Reiki
Case Study


An electrifying 17,025% increase in new users was achieved in just 4 months. A local reiki master in Burbank wanted to increase awareness and attract consistent local traffic for a newly established practice. 685 new users after only 3 months and clicks from Google rose 3,666% (free clicks from Google)!
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We mapped the entire strategy in 1 hour with our Website SEO Essentials Package that not only targets hyper-local traffic but primes the site for future SEO campaigns. Works well for any site that wants to attract traffic from organic keywords anywhere. This holistic practitioner experienced phenomenal results and has been a referrals machine since.

The site had no previous SEO work done and after applying the SEO essentials package, it now ranks for 65 page-one keywords and has attracted 1,491 (+37,175%) new organic users in just 9 months!

The Challenge

Bridge to Balance contacted us because they knew something was wrong with their online presence. Despite having a great website, the company wasn’t receiving enough inquiries. They needed help with SEO (search engine optimization) if the website was to start functioning as an additional source for leads.

Additionally, the company is in a highly competitive market that Google scrutinizes more harshly when evaluating pages. That’s because a lot of people rely on organic search to find fast, accessible, and accurate health-related information. So it’s important that what people find online will help them, rather than make conditions worse. These facts make ranking any website in the healthcare niche a challenge – one that we accepted.


The Upfire team was tasked with boosting client acquisition in every category of services that Bridge to Balance offers while accounting for its two locations.

Our services included:

  • Citations audit and submissions for added consistency. 
  • Creating a branded presence on GMB and Social outline to make sure the site’s Branding reputation was solid.
  • Optimizing all of the on-page elements once the article was finished.
  • Built strong interlinking for anchor tag profile.
  • Set stage for bigger keyword focus in the future.

Key Accomplishments:

  • From 3 to 65 keywords on page one in 4 months.
  • We planned the strategy in under 1 hour.
  • This site has racked up nearly 500 free clicks from Google.
  • Has now made 11,028 impressions for local keywords, an increase of 14,604%!
  • We only used the website SEO essentials package for this project.



This client had an established domain and website but now wanted to reach as many local people as possible to establish stead traffic and flow of new clients. The package was designed for a fixed budget to achieve maximum results.
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We helped the client identify an easy to rank for keywords topic that kept the focus on the target customer.

Keywords on page one

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