Terms & Conditions

This Search Engine Optimization is between [your business] (the “Client”), and Goldenseed Local (the “SEO Consultant”).


This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the SEO services to be provided by the SEO Consultant to the Client, as outlined herein.


  1. Services. The SEO Consultant will provide search engine optimization services to website owners with a view towards improving the Client’s website rankings in Google among other popular search engines, including but not limited to website best practice audits; keyword research reports; website optimization; on-page optimization; content creation; link building activities; and other related activities as required by you from time to time during the term of this agreement.


  1. Onboarding. No work shall begin until the onboarding form is complete and duly signed off by both parties hereto.


  1. Monthly Review. Each month Goldenseed Local will be available for a 20-minute SEO update call with the Client or send a video update if unable to attend said call.


  1. Ranking Guarantee. Goldenseed Local does not control Google and cannot guarantee specific ranking volume or traffic results. However, it will make all reasonable efforts to improve the Client’s search rankings each month using its best practices, in particular targetting high-volume keywords in Client’s niche. If no significant growth is seen in the 6 – 9 months time frame, then further work shall continue free of charge until improvements are made visible in Client’s website rankings and performance metrics tracked by Goldenseed Local.


  1. Payment Terms & Refunds Policy: Goldenseed Local accepts upfront payment for monthly services rendered as per the agreed schedule without exception; any refunds for work completed are not applicable under any circumstances, given that such services require significant amounts of energy, resources, and time investments which cannot be recouped from previous works done.  
  2. Termination: The client is under no long-term agreement to continue work with Goldenseed Local. Work can be canceled within 30 days with written notice.