Updated Strategies at Goldenseed Local

Stronger rankings and results are on the horizon for Goldenseed Clients in 2023! 


We’ve updated our strategies, reporting, and audit tools based on the latest test results from under our roof and our SEO global research group, including the latest algorithm changes. As of December 1st, we are announcing the rollout to all active clients for 2023!

It is crucial to always be ahead of your competitors when it comes to SEO tactics. That’s why we’re adding new tasks, removing old techniques with decreased effectiveness, and updating the monthly Google Business Profile Campaigns strategy.

Some of our latest tactics will include updated Google Posts, Q&A, Images, and GBP website structure. Our processes have updated how we optimize keywords in your Google Business profile text and images.

The latest changes also have added custom local signal opportunities (like events, community news, and classified links). We also updated our custom-compiled link and citation lists that we manually created for you. These lists highlight Competitor Citations and Backlink Opportunities.


Furthermore, Google has started relying on Real Signals from the business owner to legitimize a listing.


> You’ve seen the changes to the GBP layout at business.google.com. As the business owner, Google wants you to use their Google Maps mobile app to access your listing. Why? It looks legit when the business owner monitors their listing.


Billions and Billions of businesses are now listed on Google, and millions of them are fake AF!


Here’s what you can do to help us generate more real signals for your listing!

> Get ahead with REAL SIGNALS. Scheduled posts, images, and content solely being uploaded from new IP addresses can now trigger the spam filter. Download Google Maps, log in with your email address registered to the listing, and start utilizing this tool. This regular activity will help our efforts skirt the spam filters!

> Post content from your Google Maps mobile app once a month. We’ll ask you to pull out your phone and snap a few photos when you get the chance to be at your business location. Update your listing with new and helpful information. It can be any image or written content you might find helpful for clients. Google likes to see interior shots, happy smiling clients, smiling team members and business owners at work, logos, and signage, you get the gist. 

Google wants more first-hand content, which could be a case you recently worked on, recent results or testimonials, a frequently asked question, a new offer or product, a how-to guide etc. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This content is geo-tagged and stamped to your device to legitimize activities and send signals that Google likes to see.


Diversify emails logged in to your Google Business Profile. Going forward, we will access your listing from a unique email account attached to your domain. We will help you set this up if now already in place. Why? This reduces the risk of listing suspension.

> Get More Google Reviews! Get them as often as you can. Why? Google sees reviews as legitimate signals and tells Google the business is trustworthy and reputable. We have set up a review funnel for you to utilize that takes only 5 minutes to set-up and automatically requests reviews from your clients.

> New Keyword Targeting Opportunity. The new opportunity in target keywords is including market-level keywords in our optimization efforts. In local, City + Service keywords have been the focus of SEO efforts for years, and it is one way Google sniffs out bad players. If the focus is only on geo + service terms, manipulation efforts are going to be noticeable. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s time to mix up our tactics!


We’re confident that these changes will help you achieve elevated rankings and results in the new year. Please contact us if you have questions or want to discuss your specific needs.

Thank you for trusting the Goldenseed Method.

Best, Jaeson & team