A Look Ahead into Cannabis Marketing and the Recreational Future

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Goldenseed Local – Marketing for the recreational future

Local cannabis businesses are going to see a huge surge of interest in the next year or two. The plant has went from being a niche thing to something that is mainstream both for medical use and for recreational use as more and more countries and states relax the rules, and more people accept that there could well be benefits to the use of cannabis and CBD.

Are you in a position to take hold of that additional market share resulting from more relaxed regulation? Is your brand relying on word of mouth or are you focused on the most ‘underground’ of patients? If you are not ready to attract the more mainstream market, then you run the risk of being burned by the competition. Canna-business Local SEO can help your business create new revenue streams.

Over the next year, you can expect that cannabis will become more popular as a medicinal tool with people who are not so well informed about alternative and complementary medicine. It will become more popular as a recreational drug with those who are not as inclined to research the hobby, too. These are the people who will need the most support, more information, and more guidance. They’ll want to really understand what it is they are thinking of trying and whether or not it is safe. You can be sure new clients will be looking to you as a council on how to get the best experience. Does your web presence educate and provide value?

SEO is going to be what sets the successful retailers and brands apart from the ones that remain niche, backstreet retailers. We can help you with the details of SEO – and give you a web presence that will bring in not just people who know what they are looking for, but prospective customers who aren’t sure what to search for, and who want a few tips and some advice to help them get started. Our SEO can position you to hone in on the underserved markets for medical cannabis use.

Ensure that your canna-business can bring in those new patients along with the recreational users who don’t necessarily identify with traditional cannabis culture. You’ll want to extend your reach to include those who just want to relax after putting the kids to sleep. More people who have chronic pain and want to test alternative medicine will also be seeking guidance. See to it that these growing markets are your focus.

Cannabis SEO is a complex field and there are a lot of things you need to think about. That’s why it’s necessary to have an expert help you to build up a web presence and rank your site at the top of searches in the Cannabis niche – whether that’s medical marijuana, recreational use, or the sale of things like CBD. The proper cannabis SEO strategies can help you achieve that.

Advertising regulations make marketing cannabis difficult or impossible in some cases. When you hire an expert, we ensure care is taken when sharing content about cannabis. You’ll want to make sure you understand the law in your area and the regulations for e-commerce. Make sure that you are not seen to be giving legal advice because this can be a huge issue if you overstep your boundaries or you are found to be giving advice that is incorrect.

Your business will need that new footfall and interest from people who are in the local area. Make your brand a valuable resource. If you are a reputable business, the right dispensary marketing can build regular foot traffic from people who want regular relief they can rely on. We help you choose the appropriate methods that keep your online representation consistent with your in-store experience.

There are still a lot of misconceptions going around surrounding the use of cannabis, and it is the job of dispensaries and brands to address those misconceptions. The most successful at this will find ways to get people comfortable with the idea of using cannabis in a responsible manner and build that trust and brand loyalty.

With the right content, marketing and strategy you could become a respected resource for the cannabis industry in your city, and attract both regular users and new consumers, growing your audience so that you have the budget and the mobility to keep up with the developments in the industry over the next few years. With growing awareness, support and legalization, there has never been a better time to be a member of the cannabis community – take advantage, and lead the competition with industry leading internet marketing strategies!

Why SEO is the Best Marketing Solution For Small Business in 2018

Small business owners and managers need to be aware that they can’t afford to ignore SEO any longer. Most people start looking for various products and services they need by entering the most relevant keywords into their favorite search engine. If you aren’t there, you’re losing the battle, as they are going to buy from your competitors who have gone the extra mile to improve their rankings in the SERPs.

Why does my business need SEO in 2018?

You may be tempted to believe that you can find enough customers elsewhere, so you don’t have to bother with SEO and everything it implies. This approach is wrong. When you target the right keywords, SEO sends revenue-producing traffic to your website, resulting in higher conversions and sales for your specific business niche. This is why the best SEO solutions for small business have to start with proper keyword research. Ideally, you should target search terms that have a good monthly search volume, and fairly moderate to low competition. In addition, these keywords need to have a high commercial potential. Purely informative terms don’t convert too well, so you should rather focus on those keywords people search for when they are in the last stages of their purchasing process. The better commercial intent a keyword has, the better this traffic is going to convert. The best SEO for small business is the one that brings the biggest profit for the same level of investment. This is why you should make ROI a top priority and one of your main business goals. It would be a shame to overlook the steady stream of highly qualified leads SEO can bring you.

How do I get more local foot traffic from internet marketing?

If you run a local business, you may think you don’t need SEO, as you cater exclusively to your local community. This is also a wrong approach. Due to the increase in mobile search usage, local businesses need SEO to dominate their market in the virtual environment. Many people use mobile search to find various businesses in their neighborhood. If you want them to find you, you have to be there for them, which means you have to make local SEO one of your digital marketing priorities. In our modern age, nobody uses Yellow Pages anymore to search for local businesses. We all prefer smartphones and mobile search, as this is the fastest way to get access to such information. After all, whenever you are in a neighborhood you aren’t familiar with, it’s very convenient to use your mobile phone to search for restaurants near you or for other similar information. If your business can’t be found by these users, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. According to Entrepreneur, this kind of traffic has huge conversion rates, so your loss is even bigger.

The best SEO for small business starts long before your website goes live. You need to plan and develop your site around the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche. Next, you have to optimize each page for its main keyword, as well as for secondary and long tail ones. You also need to develop the right site structure, in order to make the most out of your internal linking. All these concepts are difficult to implement without expert SEO help. This is why you have to consider hiring a good SEO agency before you actually put you business online.

If you already have a website and you haven’t got SEO to it, you’re behind already. Nonetheless, there’s still hope, as it’s never too late to start doing things the right way. Just find the best possible SEO professionals and hire them to conduct a site audit. Once you get the report, you should sit with your SEO experts and think a strategy to improve your online search visibility. You won’t be able to reap the benefits right away, but the long-term perspectives are stellar. Steady work and the determination to succeed, together with high-quality keyword research and link building can bring you a steady flow of traffic that converts better than anything else. The sooner you start, the more chances you have to get ahead of your competitors and dominate your local search market. Get started with our discovery form now!

The words “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” can elicit a wide array of responses. You often can tell how well an individual or business is doing in this area based on their emotional reactions to those words. While SEO can be a little bit of a mystery to many business owners who don’t specialize in marketing, it is well worth their time to hire an agency like Goldenseed Local. While there are many Local Lead Generation strategies and many trends that come and go, there’s no question that SEO is the bedrock strategy that can help provide free traffic and organic leads for your local business.

Understanding Local SEO

There are general SEO rules that apply in regards to both on-site and off-site factors that Google and other search engines use to rank websites. However, it’s worth noting that localized SEO works differently and has many more factors to take into consideration for a website to rank. Whether you’re going to go solo in your efforts or hire an agency, you want to make sure that your marketing campaign is on the right track.

Localized efforts include making sure to get your business and map listings claimed from all three major search engines. In addition, you’ll want to get your address verified, and get customer reviews on Google to build up a stable of five-star reviews. Locally this is a major factor when it comes to moving your website up the search engine rankings.

Why Use SEO?

Local Lead Generation should always include search engine optimization because locals will always use online search to look for services they need. By pushing your business website up to the top of page one you basically guarantee that you will help get a large chunk of all local online traffic looking for keywords that are important to your business. These organic leads are often among the most effective because you get attention from people jumping online looking specifically for your services.

While social media marketing can come and go, and paid advertising ceases to be effective the very moment that you stop adding more money to the account. However, search engine optimization builds long-term branding, long-term trust, and as long as you get your website into the first page. Especially if you can get it into the top 5, you will continue to benefit with new visitors, new leads, and new customers. Every single time local residents are looking for your specific skills, products, or services, your business will be listed!

SEO Gives The Best Local Leads

Fliers often fail to get read. Advertising postcards are another easy throwaway. Local TV? There are huge areas that don’t even have local cable access channels, and many people who never turn the cable or satellite TV onto local channels. All that being said, the Internet is not going anywhere as a convenient tool of choice to get information or help with the touch of a few buttons. If you can make sure your website is showing up for local searches you are in very good shape to capture more than your fair share of traffic and you will always get the attention of some potential clients in need. This is why Local Lead Generation is the most efficient way to market through SEO!

In places like East Los Angeles, Why would you go with any other type of marketing strategy when it’s obvious the local leads, the organic leads, are going to come as a result of high-quality SEO? While it takes work, or it might even take a professional agency (who you will probably find by using Google) but investing that time and money in a good long term local SEO marketing strategy will pay off huge dividends in the long run.

Local Lead Generation

If you are tackling local marketing to get your company the attention it needs to go up to the next level, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. However, by concentrating on the long term benefits of SEO you will be setting yourself up for short term and long term success. Don’t settle for a fly by night attempt to start advertising! Go with the long term investment in optimization and you won’t be sorry!